Millions of eyes see this vehicle every year. From the highway miles to the thousands of patrons, players and CEO’s at the PGA Tour events, the outside of our tour truck is a great opportunity to associate your product with the most prestigious sport in the world. Scott E.G. Golf has represented an array of companies, from Rockstar Energy Drink to tourism bureaus, radio and television networks to well-known shaft, grip and putter companies.

There are also unique and powerful wrapping options inside the truck where many players, CEO's, and media personnel stand weekly - socializing, taking pictures for social media, and conducting business.

  • Perfect Audience Fit

  • Exposure to PGA TOUR professionals

  • Exposure to PGA TOUR players ( top players, new and emerging ones)

  • Exposure to international players that can help fuel GLOBAL GROWTH

  • Exposure also to high level executives in Monday Wednesday Pro-ams

  • Elevation of Your Company’s Brand

  • Impressions in nearly 100 MARKETS while traveling from tournament to tournament (over 30,000 miles)

  • Premier location at each TOUR event

  • Brand Building Media Exposure

  • Unique Relationship Building Opportunities

  • Networking Platform – Cross promotional with all other major Golf equipment
    manufacturers on TOUR.