Scott Garrison founded his business on the PGA TOUR in 2004. Prior to that he owned and operated golf shops in Las Vegas, Nevada for 11 years. He became a nationally recognized master club builder by multiple equipment manufacturers in the industry as well as many of the most famous golfers in the world. He has been providing golf equipment services for over 100 PGA TOUR professionals since 1997. He has built a name and reputation for himself on the tour over the past decade as one of the most highly skilled club builders on the tour and the choice of most top players for club work.


His company, Scott E.G. Golf, serves multiple functions. The truck provides a full mobile workshop, storage for vendors, storage and work areas for company reps and space on the outside of the truck for prime advertising. Scott E.G. Golf owns one of only two independent trucks on the PGA Tour. Scott E.G. Golf has premiered a new vehicle for the 2015 season that will enhance and improve the services offered. The new truck is a custom semi-truck outfitted with a deluxe golf workshop and more space for storage, club building and advertising. Scott E.G. Golf has represented an array of companies, from Energy Drinks, tourism bureaus, radio and television networks to well-known shaft, grip and putter companies. Whether the business is trying to attain recognition with a golf related
product or is just simply advertising a product on this highly viewed vehicle, many companies recognize the unique potential and advantages of advertising on a mobile business that reaches over 100 markets. Many customers see that mobile advertising is more cost effective than other media avenues and reinforces vigorous consumer engagement, as opposed to a costly few second commercial. It has been proven as an effective medium for product sales and consumer awareness. The truck travels the country all year, week to week being viewed in highly populated cities and tourist destinations.